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Last Trade:87.22 Change:-0.33 (-0.38%) Prev Close:87.55 Open: 87.80 Days Range:85.23 – 87.85 52 Week Range: 62.21 - 89.40 Volume:33042014 P/E: 147.83

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Recent Alert on 07/07/15 at 12:43pm
Facebook (FB) Says Next Data Center Will be in Fort Worth, Tex.

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) posted the following to its news blog on Tuesday:Today we announced that Fort Worth, Texas, will be the home for our next data center. Along with our Altoona, Prineville, Forest City and Lulea data centers, Fort Worth will be... Read More

Recent Alert on 07/01/15 at 9:39am
Facebook (FB) Tweaks Logo as Mobile Gains Importance

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