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AAPL 170.42
GOOG 1.113.65
MSFT 108.22
FB 162.50
BAC 29.11
1113.65 -8.02 (-0.71%) GOOG

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Last Trade:1,113.65 Change:-8.02 (-0.71%) Prev Close:1,121.67 Open: 1130.08 Days Range:1,110.65 – 1,131.67 52 Week Range: 663.06 - 816.68 Volume:1449186 P/E: N/A

Member Comments

Google mobile software
11/14/07 at 2:12pm by Ash Johnson

I think google will rule the mobile software space as well now that they are entering that market. Its going to be awesome

Live and yahoo cannot touch google yet !!!
11/07/07 at 1:44pm by Ash Johnson

I dont think MSN's Live.com or yahoo search is getting anywhere in its batter with google. I dont know anyone who prefer those search engines over google

07/16/07 at 3:57pm by Lon Juricic


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