EasyStockAlerts Articles http://www.easystockalerts.com/ Stocks in the News Will Mircosoft’s (MFST) Xbox go the way of the Blackberry? http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/46 <p>Apple's (NASDAQ: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/AAPL">AAPL</a>) CEO Tim Cook said recently that the company sold 2.8 million units of the Apple TV set-top box so far in 2012, beating last years numbers by a long shot. Meanwhile, Microsoft (NASDAQ:...</p> Wed, 30 May 2012 16:46:25 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120530/46 Lumber Liquidators (LL) Brings the Lumber http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/45 <p>Shares of Lumber Liquidators (NYSE: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/LL">LL</a>) are posting 52 week highs after housing starts were reported better than expected today.  Lumber Liquidators beat estimates on both the top and bottom line when they reported earnings last month. Analyst Laura...</p> Wed, 16 May 2012 13:46:26 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120516/45 E-Commerce China Dangdang (DANG) Sees Action Ahead of Numbers http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/44 <p>Shares of E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. (NYSE: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/DANG">DANG</a>) are on the move today, ahead of financial data out later this week. The stock is up 12 percent intra-day, but still off 65 percent in the past 12 months. Shares of...</p> Tue, 15 May 2012 14:18:41 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120515/44 Bove Doesn't Back Down On JPMorgan (JPM) http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/43 <p>Richard Bove, an analyst at Rochdale Securities, admitted that he was wrong when assessing the markets reaction to the 'London Whale' story, but today he reiterated his BUY rating on JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/JPM">JPM</a>). While...</p> Fri, 11 May 2012 12:44:27 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120511/43 Facebook Buddies-up with Bing, Sets Sights on Google http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/42 <p>Facebook and Bing announced they are strengthening their relationship related to searchy.  Baird Equity Research summarized the new relationship as follows: "Essentially, Bing is enhancing the usefulness of search results by allowing people to consider input from their social contacts or experts on certain subjects, for example,...</p> Fri, 11 May 2012 10:10:48 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120511/42 BofA Finds Intel (INTC) Compelling http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/41 <p>Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/INTC">INTC</a>) "outlined a compelling vision" according to a Bank of America analyst, who thinks Intel will ultimately crush its rivals.  "Intel's ability to design, manufacture and scale the lowest cost/highest performance transistors is in stark...</p> Fri, 11 May 2012 08:33:44 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120511/41 Deckers (DECK) On Deck To Report Earning Thursday http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/31 <p>Jefferies research expects Deckers Outdoor (NASDAQ: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/DECK">DECK</a>) to beat EPS estimates when they report on earnings this Thursday, but they are planning to take a close look at the earning composition. The biggest question mark in...</p> Tue, 24 April 2012 15:06:18 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120424/31 Could Apple Go Intel's Way? http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/30 <p>A Jefferies company note covering the semiconductor sector focused on risks to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) (NYSE: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/TSM">TSM</a>). The major risk highlighted by Jefferies focuses on the possibility that Apple (Nasdaq:...</p> Mon, 23 April 2012 15:53:42 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120423/30 Micro-Cap Capstone Turbine (CPST) Sees Upside As Growth Intrigues Speculators http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/29 <p>Capstone Turbine (Nasdaq: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/CPST">CPST</a>) stock is up for the second day in a row after booking orders for 150 environmentally friendly microturbines in the last nine months and being highlighted for its efforts on CNBC. The CEO of the micro...</p> Fri, 20 April 2012 13:44:19 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120420/29 Netflix (NFLX) Could Put the Hurt on Investors http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/28 <p>Netflix, Inc (Nasdaq: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/NFLX">NFLX</a>) could see its share price drop by 50% from $106 to $55, according to analysts at Janney Capital Markets. In their view, Netflix is facing challenges in both its video streaming and DVD business. One of these...</p> Thu, 19 April 2012 16:53:54 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120419/28 Goldman Says Don't Be Afraid to Own Dover (DOV) http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/27 <p>Goldman Sachs analysts continue to make the case for owning Dover Corp. (NYSE: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/DOV">DOV</a>). Today they reiterated their Buy rating on the stock, sighting a number of positives, including successful product launches and improvements in production. They also...</p> Thu, 19 April 2012 16:08:45 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120419/27 RIM (RIMM) May Hire JPMorgan to Shop Itself http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/26 <p>An article published today at Bloomberg suggests that beleaguered telecommunications company, RIM (Nasdaq: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/RIMM">RIMM</a>), could be in talks to sell itself or part of its company. According to reports, RIM is considering hiring JPMorgan Chase & Co. to help it manage "strategic...</p> Thu, 19 April 2012 15:48:19 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120419/26 Adobe (ADBE) Revamped Cloud Software Will Boost the Stock http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/25 <p>Adobe (Nasdaq: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/ADBE">ADBE</a>) is set to launch CS6 on Monday, April 23rd. The revamped cloud based software will allow Adobe to unveil products, features and pricing details. Analysts at Macquarie Equity Research are anticipating a successful launch of CS6 will...</p> Thu, 19 April 2012 15:21:41 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120419/25 Whole Foods Continues Upbeat Trends http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/24 <p>A post Easter survey conducted by Jefferies was upbeat about Whole Foods (NYSE: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/WFM">WFM</a>). Consumer spending trends remain strong, although they do not appear to be accelerating. The survey showed 79% of consumers are more willing to spend, which is up...</p> Thu, 19 April 2012 13:16:51 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120419/24 Despite Mounting Worries Apple (AAPL) iPhone 5 Set for Sept. Launch http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/23 <p>A Jefferies' quarterly handset survey showed a sharp drop in optimism regarding smartphone sales volumes, from 74% in Dec. to 28% in March. This represents the largest sequential decline in eight years. However, despite these headwinds, analysts at Jefferies are optimistic about the strength of Apple stock (Nasdaq:...</p> Thu, 19 April 2012 12:51:07 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120419/23 AT&T, Verizon Upcoming EPS Will Be Lackluster http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/22 <p>The wireless carrier business lacks luster due to intense competition within the space, according to analyst Greg Miller at Cancaccord Genuity. The two largest wireless companies, AT&T (NYSE: T) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ), will report earning next week (Version reports on April 19th, and AT&T reports...</p> Wed, 18 April 2012 17:13:43 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120418/22 Don't Fret Apple (AAPL) Carrier Subsidies Cut, the iPhone 5 Will Keep Them Paying Up the Nose - Analyst http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/21 <p>In the call of the day, Goldman Sachs analysts raised their price target on Apple (Nasdaq: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/AAPL">AAPL</a>) from $700 to $750. The topic of carrier subsidies and tighter upgrade policies was particularly interesting, since it has been a major concern to...</p> Wed, 18 April 2012 16:30:41 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120418/21 A Pair Trade in the Energy Patch http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/20 <p>Today, Deutsche Bank issued somewhat of a pairs trade within the energy space. It issued a Buy rating for Exxon Mobile (NYSE: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/XOM">XOM</a>) and it downgraded competitor ConocoPhillips (NYSE: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/COP">COP</a>) to Hold....</p> Wed, 18 April 2012 15:56:12 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120418/20 Wynn's (WYNN) the Winner From a New Cotai Land Win http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/19 <p>Wynn Resorts (Nasdaq: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/WYNN">WYNN</a>) shares are up 5 percent Wednesday after analysts estimate that a new Cotai, Macau land purchase could add $30 per share. At $130 per share intraday, Wynn trades near the center of its 52 week range between $101 and...</p> Wed, 18 April 2012 15:07:23 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120418/19 Chesapeake (CHK) Sell-Off on "Margin Call McClendon" Could Provide a Great Entry http://www.easystockalerts.com/article/entry/18 <p>Chesapeake Energy's (NYSE: <a href="http://www.easystockalerts.com/stockdetail/CHK">CHK</a>) stock is down over 7 percent Wednesday following a Reuters news report that CEO Aubrey McClendon borrowed $1.1 billion against his stake in the company's oils and natural gas wells. Shareholder aren't taking too kindly to...</p> Wed, 18 April 2012 13:35:41 EDT http://easystockalerts.com/article/20120418/18