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AAPL 89.86
GOOG 269.27
RIMM 36.82
MSFT 18.84
C 7.42

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NGM 0.42
MM 54.90
LBE 0.00
BRD 13.99
CHD 55.15

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GESSX 27.05
MGG 12.90
FAZ 57.50
LBE 0.00
GIEIX 9.51
11.37 -0.55 (-4.71%) AKAM

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Last Trade:11.37 Change:-0.55 (-4.71%) Prev Close:11.92 Open: 11.67 Days Range:11.33 – 12.38 52 Week Range: 9.25 - 40.90 Volume:3721854 P/E: 14.77

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