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AAPL 89.16
GOOG 346.01
RIMM 55.05
MSFT 23.23
BIDU 214.44

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GOI 0.61
NOBL 3.25
CUTR 9.86
HAXS 0.47
DXD 78.99

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SURW 14.52
CSK 0.15
CNHA 3.25
RCCH 0.00
DLII 0.02
73.35 -3.49 (-4.47%) CVX

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Last Trade:73.35 Change:-3.49 (-4.47%) Prev Close:76.84 Open: 78.02 Days Range:72.55 – 78.55 52 Week Range: 72.66 - 104.63 Volume:24467630 P/E: 7.76

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