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AAPL 153.20
GOOG 430.00
RIMM 99.31
MSFT 25.84
BIDU 271.29

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UWKI 0.51
ERII 8.97
SRS 82.11
SFG 49.39
PAR 10.79

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MCBC 8.85
EMFP 0.11
SISI 3.99
OEH 35.04
AVGN 4.65
116.95 +1.23 (1.04%) LMT

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Last Trade:116.95 Change:+1.23 (1.04%) Prev Close:115.72 Open: 118.01 Days Range:115.55 – 119.95 52 Week Range: 90.44 - 120.30 Volume:1286005 P/E: 15.41

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