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AAPL 175.06
GOOG 473.15
RIMM 127.47
MSFT 27.84
BIDU 318.19

Recently Added

PIM 5.84
PLCC 3.01
GBE 3.39
SIM 13.60
GLBL 9.80

Gaining Speed

USTR 49.92
SIM 13.60
USEI 0.00
GLBL 9.80
VIFL 2.45
25.70 -0.25 (-0.97%) NOK

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Last Trade:25.70 Change:-0.25 (-0.97%) Prev Close:25.95 Open: 25.68 Days Range:25.68 – 25.78 52 Week Range: 23.58 - 42.22 Volume:587045 P/E: N/A

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