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AAPL 95.90
GOOG 279.43
RIMM 38.96
MSFT 19.87
C 7.82

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RCRC 11.56
MAI 0.08
EIM 8.39
NPX 8.78
EIV 8.86

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CHRS 1.07
MGG 12.80
FAZ 55.00
NQI 10.41
AEMC 0.01
60.17 -1.82 (-3.10%) PCLN

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Last Trade:60.17 Change:-1.82 (-3.10%) Prev Close:61.99 Open: 58.64 Days Range:58.10 – 61.57 52 Week Range: 45.15 - 144.34 Volume:2150726 P/E: 15.47

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