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AAPL 155.37
GOOG 425.69
RIMM 100.11
MSFT 25.98
BIDU 270.14

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UWKI 0.51
ERII 8.95
SRS 81.07
SFG 49.70
PAR 10.83

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MCBC 8.82
EMFP 0.11
SISI 3.99
OEH 35.52
UWKI 0.51
7.79 -0.20 (-2.47%) S

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Last Trade:7.79 Change:-0.20 (-2.47%) Prev Close:7.99 Open: 8.09 Days Range:7.61 – 8.22 52 Week Range: 5.48 - 19.70 Volume:16948606 P/E: N/A

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