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AAPL 88.93
GOOG 265.99
RIMM 39.80
MSFT 18.61
C 6.45

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KWR 10.56
FAS 17.50
CHC 0.56
FAZ 80.00
GNVC 0.43

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MGG 13.01
OVEN 3.63
FAZ 80.00
WTFC 17.27
FLL 1.12
30.67 -1.98 (-6.16%) VZ

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Last Trade:30.67 Change:-1.98 (-6.16%) Prev Close:32.65 Open: 32.14 Days Range:30.50 – 32.16 52 Week Range: 23.07 - 45.71 Volume:20434838 P/E: 14.00

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