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Last Trade:0.32 Change:+0.08 (34.78%) Prev Close:0.24 Open: 0.23 Days Range:0.23 – 0.32 52 Week Range: 0.17 - 0.29 Volume:1918646 P/E: N/A

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R.H. Donnelley (RHD) To Trade On Pink Sheets After NYSE De-Listing

R.H. Donnelley Corporation (NYSE: RHD) said the NYSE has determined that the trading in the common stock of R.H. Donnelley should be suspended in view of the fact that the Company did not maintain a market capitalization of at least $25 million over... Read More

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SEC Filing on 01/07/09 at 3:28pm
Form 8-K R H DONNELLEY CORP For: Dec 31
SEC Filing on 01/05/09 at 1:39pm
Form 4 CONNORS MICHAEL P For: Dec 31

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